B2B Uncovered

ABM – Up Close and Personal

May 31, 2022 ResearchHQ Episode 17
B2B Uncovered
ABM – Up Close and Personal
Show Notes

In this episode, Paul Denham talks with Kristina Jaramillo, President of Personal ABM

The topic of the conversation centres on 'personal' ABM and how it can bridge sales and marketing to close accounts that are in the 60% of the market that's stuck in the status quo, with the aim of increasing marketing's influence over revenue.

Personal ABM speaks to the people within target accounts to create a human bond. 

It goes directly to key decision-makers and influencers with insights that are specific to their gaps and impacts and content that speaks to them specifically. 

As a result, clients create a buying vision so strong that buyers pull sales, marketing and account teams through the buying process.

But to achieve this and get your ABM on track, you've got to learn to walk before you start running:

As Kristina says..

"Get a strategy in place before you move forward"

"It's almost like if you're playing a game of chess"

"You can't just move pieces around and just hope to win"

"Think steps ahead"

"And that's a level of relevancy that's really needed to drive these interactions and be successful".

"And especially move people that are in status quo".

And considering 2/3rds of ABM programs underperform, this is time well spent.

Tune in for a lively discussion about doing ABM up close and personal.